Sleep Spindles

Paul McGuire

Sleep Spindles [SLP013] is the debut full-length of Dublin-born, London-based composer Paul McGuire. McGuire’s fastidious pieces wrench the fizzes, crackles, and hums of acoustic instruments into towering swarms of sound. Sleep Spindles collects three of his most focussed, guttural works to date. On ‘Tampered’, the minute squeaks of Céline Papion’s cello are gathered in solid hunks; the microtonal guitar drones of ‘Marshes’ are part seduction, part dread; and ‘Sleep Spindles’ gleans an earthy poise from the skins of a simple percussion set-up. ‘Sleep Spindles’ [SLP013] makes the nanoscopic speak with exquisite force, and carves out a defiant zone between the luxurious washes of ambient maestros like Tim Hecker, and the more rarified noise compositions of Helmut Lachenmann.

Aside from numerous individual shows, McGuire’s work has been performed by the London Sinfonietta, Loré Lixenberg and Sarah Nicolls, and at festivals internationally including Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, SPOR in Aarhus, and at Bang On A Can in Massachussets. He is nearing the completion of his doctorate studies with Christopher Fox and Jennifer Walshe at Brunel University.

‘…churning and grinding, changing subtly but never really losing that sharp, heaving quality. The piece doesn’t so much develop (in the clunky composition class sense) as seethe…’Fluid Radio

‘…we’re witness to potential genius here, sounding something like a swarm of bees or drones conducted inside Reinhold Friedl’s piano, and also scarily reminiscent of Harley Gaber’s ‘The Winds Rise In The North’. Finally, the titular ‘Sleep Spindles’, written and performed by McGuire, presents perhaps the purest portrait of the artist with nearly 15 minutes of metallic haptics executed with preternatural attention to micro and macro tone, rhythm and texture alchemising the the most elusive magick: a special something from next to nothing. You may be able to tell that we’re a little excited by this release, and you’d be right.’Boomkat